Pedro should pay back embezzled funds, say attorneys

Espada convicted of taking $448,000
New York Daily News
by John Marzulli
Thursday, June 14, 2012, 10:35 PM

Federal prosecutors are demanding that ex-State Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. pay the full amount of $448,000 he was convicted last month of embezzling from his Bronx nonprofit health-care center.

The jury was dismissed without determining the tab for criminal forfeiture after it could not reach a verdict on remaining corruption charges against Espada and his son Pedro Gautier Espada.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hill submitted a letter Thursday to Federal Judge Frederic Block arguing that he has the authority to decide how much the disgraced politician must pay.

Espada and his son face a retrial in Brooklyn Federal Court unless they cut a plea deal with prosecutors, and a separate trial on tax charges in Manhattan Federal Court this summer.

Ex-NY pol Espada pleads not guilty to tax charges

Wall Street Journal
Associated Press
June 13, 2012

NEW YORK -- Former state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. has pleaded not guilty to tax charges. The former Bronx politician appeared Tuesday in Manhattan federal court.

The Daily News says the tax case is related to a Brooklyn prosecution.

Espada was convicted last month on four counts stemming from allegations that he misused taxpayer funds meant to help poor patients at his Soundview health clinic.

Pedro Espada uses public defender as he pleads not guilty in tax case

New York Daily News
Accusations related to conviction for looting his Soundview health clinic
by Robert Gearty
June 12, 2012

Disgraced Ex-Pol Pedro Espada Jr. pleaded not guilty to tax charges Tuesday with a court-appointed attorney by his side.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge William Pauley said he did not know if Espada would qualify for a taxpayer-funded attorney but was appointing one for him for the purposes of the arraignment.

Pauley then gave Espada until July 9 to find a new lawyer. He also set the case down for trial Nov. 5.

Pedro Espada Jr. Goes Lawyer Shopping

New York Daily News
bY Celeste Katz
June 6, 2012

Convicted felon Pedro Espada Jr. and his son are shopping for a new defense team as they face a retrial on embezzlement charges.

Our John Marzulli reports:

The piggy ex-pol told reporters "scheduling" conflicts led him to part ways with longtime legal mouthpiece Susan Necheles and co-counsel Russell Gioiella.

Ex-N.Y. Senator Espada To Face New Trial On Theft Charges

By Tiffany Kary
June 5, 2012

Pedro Espada Jr., the former New York State Senate majority leader, and his son will face a new trial on charges they stole from nonprofit health-care clinics the elder Espada ran in the Bronx.

A jury convicted Espada on May 14 of four counts of theft, while failing to reach a decision on other counts of theft and conspiracy. Jurors failed to reach a verdict on any of the charges against his son, Pedro Gautier Espada.

“The government is going forward on all counts,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Carolyn Pokorny told U.S. District Judge Frederic Block today in Brooklyn, New York.

New $$ heat on Espada over legal defense

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux
June 2, 2012

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is trying to force Pedro Espada’s taxpayer-financed Bronx clinic to say whether it paid for his failed legal defense.

Schneiderman yesterday filed papers in Manhattan state Supreme Court accusing the Soundview Health Care Network of ignoring an April subpoena.

The subpeona had asked Soundview to turn over by May 8 “all documents relating to the payment of legal fees” of any Soundview official or employee in connection with any case brought by the attorney general or the feds.

Judge tells Soundview to sue Espada for looted cash

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux and Kate Kowsh
May 22, 2012

A Bronx judge pulled no punches yesterday as lawyers for the Soundview Healthcare Network looted by ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. came to court looking to squeeze more money out of the state.

He told them to sue Espada instead.

The soundview shutdown

New York Post
May 19, 2012

The state Department of Health dropped the hammer on the Soundview Health Network last week ­ just days after a Brooklyn federal jury convicted its founder, ex-Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., of looting it to the tune of $500,000.

DOH ordered Soundview to turn over its operating certificate ­ the same day The Post revealed Soundview was paying Espada’s legal bills even as it was unable to meet payroll.

This is hardly a happy development for Soundview’s clientele. Yes, Albany was making other arrangements for them, but it can’t be an easy transition.

From a policy perspective, however, a shutdown should have happened a very long time ago.

Blind justice for Pedro

New York Post
by Michael Banjamin
May 19, 2012

The conviction of disgraced former state Sen. Pedro Espada reminded me of the closing scene of “White Heat” ­ when James Cagney, standing atop a fiery tower, shouts, “Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”

In a warped sense, Espada had made it to the top, if only to set the state Senate afire. Few who knew him could applaud his pyrotechnic high-wire act.

Throughout his public career, Pedro Espada has been a charismatic, attention-grabbing narcissist. As the self-styled people’s champion in the largely minority borough of The Bronx, he once posed in red boxing gloves in one campaign. In another, he rode a white horse as though he were El Cid.

Now consumed by the flames of his criminality and hubris, Espada still insists he was railroaded by the political establishment for being a powerful minority legislator. In reality, he was a political extortionist, who brazenly put relatives and cronies on the Senate payroll, while he looted his health-care organization.

Espada’s cash cow is DOA

New York Post
by Kevin Sheehan and Carl Campanile
May 19, 2012

Convicted felon Pedro Espada’s medical empire has virtually no doctors or patients ­ but everything is just fine!

Alejandro Espada, Pedro’s son, claimed yesterday the Soundview Healthcare Network was still open for business even as his staff spent yesterday transferring patients and medical records to other health-care providers.

“Our doors have not closed,” he told reporters in front of the facility, which was down to six doctors and four nurses.

“It makes no sense,” he said of a state edict to shut down Soundview. “Senator Espada is no longer involved in Soundview’s operations, so the court case has no bearing.”

Espada Thuggery

Why is Pedro Espada and his in-house thug Norreida Reyes trying to shut down this site? Many Democrats won't acknowledge that Espada is more like them than they would like to admit.

Was Espada's use of government staff in an effort to shut down this web site illegal?

Espada's staff has a problem with the site

Espada's intimidation continues

Espada's cronies confused

ISP Responds to Espada and Norreida Reyes attempt to quash Free Speech

This Doesn't pass the Giggle Test: She calls this site "hate speech"

And with that, we haven't heard a peep from Espada or Ms. Reyes for many months. Perhaps more pressing issues took precedence, like keeping her job now that Pedro Espada is headed to obscurity.

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